Zodiac Signs Characteristics

Each Zodiac sign is gifted with their own quality and traits, in order to make a unique and distinctive star sign. A massive factor that plays a part here, are the four elements, which are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Each of them has their own meaning and are a great way to categorize the star signs.


Aries belongs to the fire element; this is mainly due to the fact that they have a very strong urge to constantly grow and get bigger as individuals. They have really strong personalities and are filled with plenty of energy and ambition; however they can sometimes come across negatively to society and can even cause potential harm. They care too much about the littlest of details, and are too stubborn to get what they want, neglecting the reality, which is often their downfall. However, they are extremely brave and willing to take the risks that no one else can, regardless of the consequences.

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Cancer belongs to the water element, this is stemmed from the fact that they are always loyal and compassionate, and will be there for you whenever needed. They are extremely sensitive and can get very emotional, and are extremely fond of being family orientated.  They are really protective of their family and will go to many length s to ensure they remain happy by blessing them with their love and generosity. They are also extremely creative, and have many ideas running in their brains, and once their imagination gets loose, nothing can hold it back.


Capricorn belong to the Earth element, as they have such a rock solid and gritty approach to life, and are affirmative of what they want in life.  They are extremely protective of the ones they love the most and are never worried about getting ay praise but rather they care about the impact they have. They tend to be a lot colder hearted, and don’t really show much emotion, they would never want to show their weaknesses and never try to gain any sympathy from people. Although they try to be very controlling and dominant, they are also people that you can rely on and count on to get a job done, as they are always on top of everything.


Libra Belong to the element of Air as they are always neutral on everything. They always want to be the embodiment of being fair and equal to everyone and show have no judgments nor any favoritism towards anyone specific person. They are very slow and deep thinkers that analyze everything in order to ensure it’s perfect but also consider how the decisions they make are impacting people as they are very thoughtful towards them. They are also very undercover, and try to hide as much about themselves as they can. They also carry confidence with them as that is a very important trait for them, they value self esteem over a lot of things.