Tips to Optimize Airton Air Conditioner’s Performance in Summer

When summer arrives, it showers intense heat. To reduce the impact of heat, people use air conditioners on massive scales. Continuous load time on these equipment during the summer puts an enormous pressure on them resulting in decreased efficiency. Consequently, customers who buy the Airton air conditioning system with their hard earned money, and use code promo airton to save money, end up losing it. If you are also struggling with the same issue, you don’t need to worry anymore about your Airton air conditioning unit’s performance and life cycle. As an HVAC expert, I propose tested tips to optimize your Airton equipment. These tips are described below.

 Chose the Model and Capacity of Airton AC system carefully

 Cooling load required depends on the surface area , location and number of people resident in that space. However a typical home with two 30 square -meter room space requires an installment of Bi split reversible air conditioning unit. Such an example is the reversible Airton “DC inverter – 5850W” AC model. For the given space , this DC inverter AC model will produce enough cooling.

I have seen that many customers buy a higher capacity air conditioning system while thinking that it will work better but this is not the case. In HVAC and air conditioning, we need to meet an exact sweet spot which works. Too high capacity unit will cool the room quickly but when the cycle completes, it overlaps its functionality causing energy and cooling loss issues. Therefore , it is necessary for you to choose a perfect size and model depending on your requirements. You can also save money by using code promo airton on checkout time.

Manage Your Consumption

Managing your consumption means maintaining a small difference between outdoor and indoor temperature. For example, try running your Air conditioning system on 25 C. doing this will reduce the load on the system which will be beneficial for its life cycle. You should also think of proper insulation for your house. In which case, the cooling will persist and decrease the burden on your air conditioning system. Doing this, you will also be saving energy and consequently the money.

Switch off heat Generating Appliances

Appliances such as TVs, Oven and music stereos generate heat during their own time. This extra heat forces your Airton AC to work harder. Every degree that requires cooling causes wear and tear in your equipment. Therefore, you must switch these appliances when they are not being used. In this way, you not only extend the life of your equipment but will also save money due to less energy consumption. You can also save up to 30 % of money while using code airton in Airton online stores.

Turn the Air Conditioner off at Night

In the night time, the temperature is down and you can easily sleep using an electric fan. One of the key maintenance of your air conditioning system is to give it a brea. Night time is the best time for you to turn off your AC. In day time, you can use it but at night time let it relax and extend its life cycle.

Again, if you are looking to buy a suitable Air conditioning system for your house, don’t forget to use code promo airton to save some money and follow the tips.