Time To Get The Pool Pump Primed – Taking The Air Out!


Having a pool in your house has already been tiring to you and now the priming pool pump problems works like cherry on top. I know, you must be going through a lot throughout the week and just want to have rest over the weekend. But a little, work right now can save you from bigger miseries later on.

In this blog, you will learn the priming pool pump problems, how to get rid air out of the pool pump and why pool pump won’t fill with water? The foremost thing you should have before priming a pool pump is to have a sand paper or a multi filter valve. You are ought to turn it o the re-circulate way so that all the water in the swimming pool will go inside the filter head and nowhere else. Once filtered, it gets the water back to the pool.

Before that, you need to make sure all the plugs are removed from your pool before you turn on the pool pumps for priming. Who wasn’t to get electrified, right? So if there is no water into your filtration system, I would recommend you to add a little but enough water into it so that it will create an automated siphon into filtration system.  

Simple & Easy Way For Pool Pump Priming…


 Many people consider pool pump as an unnecessary task and think that the air will blow out on its own. However, you need to make sure that the pool pumps are in perfect condition, because if the pool pumps won’t work, who is going to push water back through jet nozzles into the swimming pool?

So now you have started pump housing filled up with a little bit of water, then try turning the filter system on. The chances are that it might make unwanted noises, or if the system has been failed. Just don’t believe it and keep the process going until the air is completely out of the system.

The same process you can apply for the skimmer. Pass the water though the skimmer and start the priming process but make sure to shut down all the filtration system and there is not electricity passed into the filtration system along with the pool pumps.

It might happen that sometimes the primer won’t prime or filtration system can’t get the pool system to prime or even sometimes pool pump won’t fill the water, in either case, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just keep repeating the simple process a few times and you would be good to go. Moreover, you can buy quality products at affordable prices at Champagne Pool – an online platform where you can get all the necessary swimming pool essential without fear of getting lower quality products.

This was a simple, one-step process to get all the unnecessary air out of the system and let your pool pumps flow without any hurdle. Many people (due to lack of knowledge and understanding) consider it a huge task or even sometimes mull over their pool pump as disengaged. Well, the truth is one simple step of priming can save a lot of your money and can actually go a long way.