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For many of us, coffee is a morning ritual. In fact, according to the survey of the National Association, 64% of people will definitely tell you that they had a cup of coffee yesterday. While, there are some side effects of drinking too much coffee such as heart attack, acidity, chest burn, fatigue, etc., but the good news is that this beloved drink whether it’s espresso or drip coffee or good old cold brew is indeed healthy.  

So, if you need an excuse to help your daily pick-me-up health benefit, here are 4 benefits of drinking coffee and a reason why you should get the best espresso machines under $200

Drinking Coffee and Health – The 6 Benefits - The Shan Non Family
  1. Help Boost Your Mood

What many of us intuitively believe of coffee turns out to be true this drink could be a reason to brighten up your day. don’t believe me? Have a cup of espresso before going to work tomorrow and then assess your mood for the rest of the day. you can make instant coffee via the best espresso machines for under $200 for a quick kick-start of your day. the drink has been linked to the best of feelings like euphoria and happiness. 

Regular coffee consumption is linked to more positive emotions, including pleasure, kindness, affection, friendship, calm, and even great happiness. Research has also told us that there are no negative emotions associated with coffee but lead to a reduced risk of depression. Nobody exactly knows why but what’s true will remain true. 

  1. Contains Lots of Antioxidants

The coffee beans contain loads of antioxidants which you can think of as loads of good guys like free radicles or unstable molecules that can damage your body cells and if left unchecked, potentially lead to chronic health conditions like heart diseases and diabetes.  

  1. Lower Risks of Type II Diabetes

Another plus, drinking coffee is directly associated with lowering down the risks of type II diabetes. If you add 6% of your additional cup of coffee to be exact is the amount that is required for your body to start increasing your muscles to develop and cut fats from your body. 

Therefore, it’s good for people who go to the gym. So, it cuts down the microbes in your stomach while also helping protect you against breast, colorectal, endometrial, prostate cancer. It also inclines short-term brain alertness such as increased focus while working. That is why people usually prefer drinking coffee in the morning to kick-start their day. 

  1. Help you become a better athlete

Ever wondered if you can run faster and lift heavier after coffee-fueled energy surged? Coffee might help you recover from a tough workout too. Coffee has been shown to improve athletic performance including pain and maybe allow you to become stronger faster and lead to a quality workout. It reduces muscle soreness after a heavy workout. 

It is also research that after a tiring workout, having coffee with carbohydrates can actually put back the storage of energy that was spent during the workout. Also, being able to restore your energy storage may lead you to work out with better energy for the next day at the gym. So, what’s all this wait for? Get the best espresso machine under $200 today!